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Kamailio Advanced Training - Berlin, Germany - November 24-27, 2014



SIREMIS - Web management interface


Siremis is a web management interface for Kamailio - the Open Source SIP Server - allowing to provision user profiles, routing rules, view accounting, registered phones, display charts, communicate with SIP server via xmlrpc, a.s.o.

Siremis is used during our Kamailio Advanced Training classes.

Contact us if you want to register or find out more about these training classes:

Main features

  • provides system and database administration tools for:
  • subscriber, database aliases and speed dial management
  • location table view
  • dispatcher (load balancer), prefix-domain translation and least cost routing (lcr) management
  • access control lists (user groups) and permissions management
  • accounting records and missed calls vies
  • manage call data records (generated from acc records)
  • hash table, dial plan table and user preferences table management
  • offline message storage, presence service and sip trace views
  • communication with Kamailio SIP Server via MI UDP sockets
  • communication with Kamailio SIP Server via XMLRPC
  • communication with FreeSWITCH via event socket
  • create and display charts from statistic data stored by Kamailio
  • user location statistics charts
  • SIP traffic load charts
  • memory usage charts
  • accounting records charts and summary table
  • SQL-based CDR generation and rating billing engine


Siremis v4.1.x

Last release: v4.1.0

Compatible with: Kamailio 4.1.x

Older Releases


Siremis installation is straightforward. In just a few steps and less than 30 minutes you have your Siremis web site set up and ready to grant you easy administration of your Kamailio SIP server.

Siremis v4.1.x

Older Releases

Live Demo

The demo for v2.0 is pretty relevant to get an appropriate feeling for newer versions as well, being the same core framework used for 3.x and 4.x versions.

Siremis v2.0

To access live demo for v2.0:

Siremis v1.x

To get a quick understanding of how Siremis v1.x can help you administering the Kamailio SIP server, free demo can be accessed at:

Siremis Screenshots

For versions 3.x.x and 4.x.x, check the screenshots for versions starting with 2.0, all are relevant to get a fair idea about the look, same core framework and GUI being used.

Siremis v3.2.x

Several screenshots of Siremis v3.2.x are available at:

Siremis v2.0

Several screenshots of Siremis v2.0 are available at:

Siremis v1.x

Several screenshots of Siremis v1.x are available at:

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