Siremis v2.0 - Commands Panel

SIREMIS (starting with version 0.9.1) is able to send MI commands to Kamailio, receive and display the response.

Config File

In your Kamailio configuration file you have to load mi_datagram module:

   loadmodule ""

and configure it to listen on an UDP port:

   modparam("mi_datagram", "socket_name", "udp:")
If you set the UDP socket to a public address, make sure you set properly the firewall to allow only communication from and to SIREMIS server.

At this time you are set with Kamailio configuration file, just restart it.

Siremis Config

The configuration related to MI for SIREMIS resides in file:


The content can look like:

<?xml version="1.0" standalone="no"?>
<PluginService Name="siremisMICommands" Package="asipto" Class="siremisMICommands">
	<MIConfig name="MIConfig" type="udp" mode="rich">
		<Local name="local" address="" port="8044" timeout="3.0"/>
		<Remote name="remote" address="" port="8033"/>
			<cmd name="ps" title="List Processes" command="ps"/>
			<cmd name="uptime" title="Show Uptime" command="uptime"/>
			<cmd name="getstatsall" title="Get All Statistics" command="get_statistics all"/>
			<cmd name="which" title="Get All MI Commands" command="which"/>

There are two UDP sockets you have to set:

  • local – is the socket SIREMIS will create and use for communication with Kamailio
  • remote – is the socket Kamailio is listening on for MI commands

In case you want to have a drop-down menu with MI commands, fill in new ‘cmd’ tags in ‘MICommands’ node.


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