Siremis v5.3.x - Upgrade from v4.4.0 to 5.3.0

Be sure you make backups of Kamailio and Siremis databases. Also, you should backup the directory where Siremis was installed. In this way, you can restore back if something goes wrong.

Siremis v5.3.0 comes with some major refactoring, such as removal of MI command panel and replacement with JSONRPC command panel, rename of SER Admin tab to SIP Admin, charts are created with a JavaScript library instead of flash open charts (no more flash plugin required), a.s.o.

The best way to upgrade an old Siremis deployment is to install v5.3.0 separately and migrate the access users, groups and the menu settings. Siremis v5.3.0 can connect to the same Kamailio database used by an older Siremis deployment, provided that the schema was updated for a compatible Kamailio version.


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