Siremis v4.0.x - Upgrade from v3.3.0 to 4.0.0

Be sure you make backups of Kamailio and Siremis databases. Also, you should backup the directory where Siremis was installed. In this way, you can restore back if something goes wrong.

Some notes and tips about upgrade of an existing v3.3.0 installation:

  • Siremis 4.0.0 continues on top of 3.3.0, the upgrade should be straightforward
  • copy the files (not the folders) from siremis-3.3.0/* to siremis-4.0.0/*
  • copy siremis-4.0.0/siremis/modules/ser over siremis-3.3.0/siremis/modules/ser
  • copy siremis-4.0.0/siremis/modules/sipuser over siremis-3.3.0/siremis/modules/sipuser
  • with a web browser, go to Siremis administration, under Modules menu, reload ser and sipuser modules

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