Siremis 4.0.x - Enable Public Registration

Starting with version 3.2.1, Siremis can be configured to allow public registration of new users.

You have to edit siremis/modules/ser/config/common.Main.php and set to true the variable $cfg_siremis_public_registrations, like:

$cfg_siremis_public_registrations = true;

Then registration form is at the URL – for example if your website runs on loopback address, the registration form can be accessed via:

If you do a fresh installation, before users can register properly, you have to add a SIP domain via 'SIP Admin' Panel. Have in mind that Siremis itself at the current version is not fully multi-domain capable, the usernames have to be unique across all domains if you want to allow self-management via web.

Important Advice

Note that public registration form as well as SIP user own management pages are in early stages of development. Be sure you test properly and review all the security aspects to avoid unpleasant events. If you are not very familiar with web security policies, better ask for professional assistance.

SIP User Profile Management

If you want to allow existing users to manage their SIP profile, you have to create a Siremis user for them.

From Administrator panel, add new user via 'User Management' link and add the new user to 'SIP User' role. It is important to keep the same username for SIP and Siremis profiles.

One Siremis profile is created, the SIP user can login via Siremis login page and will get access to the pages that allow management of own SIP profile.


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