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-<box 100% round red|**Kamailio ​Advanced Trainig - Berlin, Germany - Nov 25-28, 2013**> +<box 100% round red|**Book: SIP Routing With Kamailio**>​ 
-<​html><​a href="http://​​u/kat"><​span style="​color:#​0000ff;">​Learn ​quickly ​how to use Kamailio ​SIP Server<br />~~~ Click Here for More Details ​and Registration ​   ​~~~</​span></​a></​html>​+<​html><​a href=""><​span style="​color:#​0000ff;">​Learn how to build your own real time communication service!<​br /><​strong>​Kamailio ​Advanced Training</​strong><​br />March 9-11, 2020, Berlin, Germany<br />~~~ Click Here for More Details!~~~</​span></​a></​html>​
 </​box>​ </​box>​

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