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 +====== Siremis v4.0.x - XMLRPC Commands Panel ======
 +===== Config File =====
 +In your Kamailio configuration file you have to load //​**xmlrpc**//​ module and configure it. In the default configuration file of Kamailio v4.0.x, xmlrpc module can be enabled easily by adding after the first line:
 +#!define WITH_XMLRPC
 +In the case Siremis is running on a different physical server that Kamailio, relax the access restrictions from:
 +route[XMLRPC] {
 +==== Siremis Config ====
 +The configuration related to XMLRPC for SIREMIS ​ resides in file:
 +    siremis/​modules/​ser/​service/​siremisXRCommands.xml
 +The content can look like:
 +<code xml>
 +<?xml version="​1.0"​ standalone="​no"?>​
 +<​PluginService Name="​siremisXRCommands"​ Package="​asipto"​ Class="​siremisXRCommands">​
 +    <​XRConfig name="​XRConfig"​ mode="​rich">​
 + <​RSocket name="​rsocket"​ path="/​RPC2"​
 + address="​"​ port="​5060"​
 + timeout="​3"/>​
 +        <​XRCommands>​
 +            <cmd name="​help"​ title="​List commands"​ command="​system.listMethods"/>​
 +            <cmd name="​uptime"​ title="​Uptime"​ command="​core.uptime"/>​
 +            <cmd name="​psx"​ title="​List Processes"​ command="​core.psx"/>​
 +            <cmd name="​which"​ title="​Get All MI Commands"​ command="​mi which"/>​
 +            <cmd name="​dslist"​ title="​List Dispatcher Records"​ command="​dispatcher.list"/>​
 +            <cmd name="​dsreload"​ title="​Reload Dispatcher Records"​ command="​dispatcher.reload"/>​
 +            <cmd name="​pdtlist"​ title="​List PDT Records"​ command="​mi pdt_list"/>​
 +            <cmd name="​pdtreload"​ title="​Reload PDT Records"​ command="​mi pdt_reload"/>​
 +        </​XRCommands>​
 +    </​XRConfig>​
 +The IP, Port and URL path for Kamailio'​s XMLRPC socket (default is Kamailio'​s IP and SIP port) has to be set in **RSocket**.
 +In case you want to have a drop-down menu with XMLRPC commands, fill in new ‘cmd’ tags in ‘XRCommands’ node.
 +{{tag>​siremis kamailio}}

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