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 +====== Siremis v4.0.x - Upgrade from v3.3.0 to 4.0.0 ======
 +<note important>​Be sure you make backups of Kamailio and Siremis databases. Also, you should backup the directory where Siremis was installed. In this way, you can restore back if something goes wrong.</​note>​
 +Some notes and tips about upgrade of an existing v3.3.0 installation:​
 +  * Siremis 4.0.0 continues on top of 3.3.0, the upgrade should be straightforward
 +  * copy the files (not the folders) from siremis-3.3.0/​* to siremis-4.0.0/​*
 +  * copy siremis-4.0.0/​siremis/​modules/​ser over siremis-3.3.0/​siremis/​modules/​ser
 +  * copy siremis-4.0.0/​siremis/​modules/​sipuser over siremis-3.3.0/​siremis/​modules/​sipuser
 +  * with a web browser, go to Siremis administration,​ under Modules menu, reload ser and sipuser modules

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