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 +====== Siremis v3.2.x - Upgrade from v3.2.0 to 3.2.1 ======
 +You don't need to upgrade if you don't want that your SIP users to have access to their profiles and manage it.
 +<note important>​Be sure you make backups of Kamailio and Siremis databases. Also, you can backup the directory where Siremis was installed.</​note>​
 +Some notes and tips about upgrade of an existing v3.2.0 installation:​
 +  * your Siremis users will be lost, 3.2.1 has a new set of Siremis user roles
 +  * delete database siremis (e.g., from mysql cli: "drop database siremis'​)
 +  * replace the content of previous Siremis installation directory with the content of Siremis v3.2.1 (or start a new fresh installation following the guidelines for v3.2.x)
 +  * be sure the file '​siremis/​install.lock'​ is removed (if exists)
 +  * access the Siremis URL and do the installation wizard again
 +  * when setting the database attributes, be sure you don't select '​Update SIP DB' checkbox
 +  * finish the installation wizzard

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