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 ===== Remarks ===== ===== Remarks =====
 +  * mysql is used as database backend for this configuration file
 +  * authentication and persistent location are enabled, other features of default config file can be enabled as needed (e.g., NAT traversal, TLS, accounting)
 +  * you must update server_address parameter for presence module to match your server IP address
 +<code c>
 +modparam("​presence",​ "​server_address",​ "​sip:​​5060"​ )
 +  * set override_lifetime for pua_dialoginfo module to fit better your environment (see the readme of the module for further hints)
 +  * you may need to change the value for force_single_dialog of presence_dialog module based on the supported BLF document format of the SIP phones you are using

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